The Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative is driven by an effort to democratize the future of space exploration. As such, we are committed to the development of meaningful community engagement endeavors related to achieving an open and hackable "New Space Age."

In Spring 2018, in an aim to fulfill NASA’s vision of 50 CubeSats from 50 States in 5 Yearswe launched Climate CubeSat Co-building Outreach Program (C3), in which 20 Boston-area high school students will design, build, test, and launch a CubeSat that makes climate science measurements. This local program will serve as a test-bed for plans to scale Climate CubeSat Co-buidling efforts nationally and internationally.

This online platform will provide resources necessary for learning communities - classrooms, libraries, and more - to begin, discuss, and document the CubeSat build process, share or retrieve data, and find other educational materials related to space exploration and investigation.